Durometer Test Stand
Stand สำหรับเครื่องทดสอบความแข็งของยาง เหล็ก โลหะ

Durometer Test Stand
Model : DTS-A, DTS-D

DTS The DTS Series Operatin g Stand is the ideal tool for repetitive or lab-type testing for users who must test either large specimens, or test in a number of different durometer scales. The DTS Operating Stand, used in conjunction with a durometer eliminates the operator error sometimes associated with shop floor durometer testing. The stand features a floating pin and includes the proper load weights required for testing in durometer scales , Each durometer of type A,E,B,O and SRIS with fixing around 1 kg weight and type D,DO,C with fix around 5 kg, as noted in ASTM D2240, ISO,JIS
DTS-A with fixing around 1 kg weight
DTS-D with fixing around 5 kg weight

Adjusted glass stage
These equipments can help us test the
hardness more acutely
Use with Durometer shore A and D

Stand for Durometer

การสาธิตการใช้งาน Test Stand กับเครื่อง Durometer Shore A