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T : +662 328 6878
F : +662 328 6818

Since 1993 Hildebrand develop, produce and distribute Hardness Testers for elastomers, plastics and non-metallic materials. Additional test equipment e.g. Tihckness Gauges and Densimeters complete our product range.

We produce - with our high skilled employees - in our facility in Oberboihingen. To ensure the high quality of our products, we make tests in our climate-controlled quality assurance room for the hardness of "Shore and IRHD". Our measuring devices in our quality assurance room fully corresponds to national and international standards.

NEW product

Download pdfBall Rebound Tester

Measuring cycle, values, time, Median value in % and “what to do” are displayed on the LCD, no calibration necessary, USB-portASTM D 3574.Max. sample thickness: 160 mmThe Ball Rebound Tester is suitable for the determination of the resilience by a ball rebound on foam materials according to DIN EN ISO 8307 and Ball Rebound Tester

IRHD Hardness Tester for RubberMicro IRHD Tester

Available inserts for IRHD:Durometer Hardness System provides hardness readings on elastomers and plastics with a specimen thicker than 6 mm according to IRHD and Durometer hardness. It complies to international standards DIN ISO 48, ISO 48, ASTM D 1415 and DIN 53505. MACRO IRHD SYSTEM

Insert Durometer
Ball 1,0 mm (IRHD H)
Ball 5,0 mm (IRHD L)
Ball 2,5 mm (IRHD N)
Insert Durometer A

MICRO IRHD SYSTEM The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM provides hardness readings on elastomers according to MICRO IHRD. Recommended specimen thickness is 1 to 5 mm. It complies to international standards such as ISO 48 and ASTM D 1415. The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM is a hardness testing machine controlled by a Hildebrand MSWindows software.

Rubber Test Blocks according to MICRO IRHD ISO 48. The Rubber Test Blocks are only for a reference check to other samples and should be tested annually.
Different MICRO IRHD ranges are available: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

The patented O-Ring Center Device fully automatically cooperates with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. O-Rings with a cord dia. of 0.8 mm to 8 mm will just be placed on the measuring table and pushed to the positioning pin. The cord dia. Is keyed into the MICRO IRHD software.

The Center Device with sample holder fully automatically cooperates with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. This fixture is designed to measure O-Rings and round style parts

Prism Center Device

The Prism Center Device is designed to measure hoses and cables. It is cooperating with:

The Hildebrand Digital Durometer Model HDD-2
The durometer conforms to DIN ISO 7619, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240.
Superior 1/2 point accuracy
Time set-up from 1 ....99 s
Resolution 0.1 Connected directly to your PC

Automatic system for Durometer hardness testing

Model OS-3 and the operating panel DuroLifter for DUROMETER TYPES A, AO, D, B, C, DO, O

 The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-2 allows for accurate and repeatable Durometer readings.for DUROMETER TYPES A, AO, D, B, C, DO, O

Thickness Gauge for rubber Model HTG-1
Standard - ISO 23529

Laboratory grade granite base: Ø200 mm x 40 mm
Column diameter: 30 mm (stainless steel)
Resolution: 0,001 mm
Weight: approx. 7 kg
Measuring way 12,5 mm