Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


T : +662 328 6878
F : +662 328 6818

T : +662 328 6878
F : +662 328 6818

Gauge Block , Profile Projector , Micrometer , Height Gauges , Bore Gauge , Pressure Calibrator , EXE

Dial Gauge

Dial Gauge

Dial Thickness Gauge

Digital Thickness Gauge

Depth Gauges

Bore Gauge

Electronic Special Measuring Gauge

Electronic Dial&Gauge Calibrator

Inside Micrometer

Inside Micrometer

Dial Caliper

Digital Caliper

Universale Bevel Protractor

Gear Runout Testers

Granit Measuring Stand

Granite Surface Plate

Stereo Microscope

Microscope Image Measuring Instrument

Horizontal Projector

Vertical Projector

Height Gauges

Micro Height Gauge

Measuring Instrument

2 D Microscope Image Measuring Instrument

Gauge Block

Multi function length calibrator

Outside Comparator

Electronic Dial&Gauge Calibrator

Surface Plate Repeat Checking Calibrator

Universal Length Measuring Instrument

Pressure Calibrator

Checkmaster Gauge

Thread Gauge

Gear Runout Testers